REVIEW: “I, Holmes”- Alterna Comics


I, Holmes #1

Michael Lent, Script

Dan Parsons, Art

Marc Rene, Graphic Design & Cover

Alterna Comics


The Sherlock Holmes tradition continues with Michael Lent’s comic book “I, Holmes.” We meet I. Rose. She is a young lady in 2009 New York City on the hunt for a graffiti artist named Jer. 17:1.

She will spend her evenings playing poker for mobsters, and then works to solve an explosion at a nearby subway terminal. It appears the bomb was caused by a nut in a black unicorn mask.

Readers meet her friend Annie Stow who is a court appointed “overseer.” And Rose encounters her nasty parole officer named Wolfe.

The story ends with a “mad scientist” standing next to the black unicorn mask ans is in the process of building “a weaponized particle accelerator.” The implication is that Rose will save the day.


According to the introduction by television producer David Rambo (Empire, Revolution and CSI), Rose is the fifth generation descendant of Sherlock Holmes. The only connection I felt was Rose’s ability to do the classic, “I can tell by the dust on your collar you were at the baker’s at 2 Twenty-First Street.”

I am curious to see where the story goes. I would love to see more “Sherlock Holmes” nods in the story, but I have a feeling Michael Lent is playing that close to the vest.

Either way, it’s cool to see another Sherlock themed comic book!



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