Ages of Sherlock & SHERLOCK Season 4 Trailer

Benedict Cumberbatch, fan image found online.

It is going on a year now that I have been doing “The Sherlock Conversations” and I have loved every minute of it! Now, if I may say, one of the reasons I have done the site is to show there is more to the “Sherlock Holmes zeitgeist” than Benedict Cumberbatch.

However, we are in the “Age of Cumberbatch” when it comes to Sherlockian periods. I can write a whole article on the subject!

We had the Age of Doyle, Age of Gillette, Age of Rathbone – which lasted until the Age of Nicholas Meyer’s gave us THE SEVEN PERCENT SOLUTION and thus was the advent of the pastiche! After the age , came the Age of Brett which has lasted until the Age of Cumberbatch.

Now, of course, there were a ton more other actors who played Sherlock, but they did not capture the pop culture/public imagination like the actors in each of these series had.  What’s funny is the Age of Cumberbatch was almost ushered in by the Robert Downey Jr. movies. And even though, I believe at this time, we have more “Sherlocks” – Ian McKellen, Johnny Lee Miller, and, of course, Downey.

However, recently, the San Diego Comic Con has been happening and it released the trailer for SHERLOCK SEASON 4.

Of course, I had to share it here!


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