INTERVIEW: Simon Fisher-Becker, actor “Doctor Who”

Simon Fisher-Becker as Dorium Maldovar.

It was at the end of season 6 of DOCTOR WHO that the question was asked. And the answer would lead to the end of the universe – Doctor Who? And that was asked by Dorium Maldovar, the big blue fellow who sold River Song a vortex manipulator.

Maldovar was played by the talented Simon Fisher-Becker.

Of course, we love Doctor Who here at the Sherlock Conversations and we look for any excuse to bring ’em on here! And Simon had played Dr. Watson in a British commercial. Sadly, we don’t know where…

However, Simon has been touring with his one many show “My Dalek Has a Puncture.” He has made it into a book a he has been having fun with it!

Besides doing this, he has become an inspirational speaker for persons of size and mobility issues!

Listen in an enjoy!


Interview: Simon Fisher-Becker, Actor/Author from Don Smith on Vimeo.


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