Author of MR. HOLMES & Who Owns Sherlock?

Image courtesy of MR. HOLMES Facebook page.

Derrick Belanger has made a name for himself in the world of Sherlock Holmes with his books. And it is no wonder that when the good people of I HEAR OF SHERLOCK EVERYWHERE needed an interview on a touchy subject -they called him.

Belanger interviewed Mitch Cullin (visit his Amazon page here), the author of A SLIGHT TRICK OF THE MIND, which became the basis for this year’s masterpiece MR. HOLMES (see the SHERLOCK CONVERSATIONS’s review here). 

Right before the movie was released in the US in July 2015, the American representative for the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate (now called Conan Doyle Estate Limited) sued Cullin, Random House (the publishers) and Miramax for the copyright infringement. The matter was settled.

Did they have the right?

The representative, Jon Lellenberg, was asked by the Santa Fe New Mexican if he was using legal “extortion” and the like to, what it seems, make a quick buck.

Cullen, in the interview with Belanger, is legally bound in some areas not to comment However, it is my opinion, he seems angry – does he have the right to be?

Recently, THE SHERLOCK CONVERSATIONS interviewed Leslie Klinger, probably the biggest Sherlockian in the world as well as a legal expert. We discussed his lawsuit over Sherlock Holmes being in the fair use.

The question, I am leaving to the reader, is this – was Cullin in the wrong or is the ACD Limited in the wrong?

My other goal for the post was to try and collect all the stories in one area for Sherlock scholars!

Please click on the links to see the full story!



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