INTERVIEW: David G. Hardy, Artist & Other Sherlock Inspired Artistry

Image courtesy of David G. Hardy.
Image courtesy of David G. Hardy.

Sherlock Holmes has inspired many creators since it first appeared in the late 19th Century. I have had the chance to interview pastiche writers, but I had to reach out to my good friend David G. Hardy, artist. He regularly brings back long forgotten actors who are long gone with the power of a pencil and piece of paper. He shares his recreations at this Ebay store Golden Age Art!

THE SHERLOCK CONVERSATIONS: First, how long have you been drawing?

DAVID G. HARDY: [Laughs] Oh, that’s an easy one! I’ve been drawing and sketching as long as I can remember and I’ll turn 60 in November!

 THE SHERLOCK CONVERSATIONS: It seems you spend a great deal of time drawing about the past greats. Do you enjoy drawing Basil Rathbone?DH 6

DAVID G. HARDY: Absolutely!

I’ve loved classic films since I was a kid. The Universal “Holmes Series”” has always

been my favorite version of the immortal detective!

THE SHERLOCK CONVERSATIONS: Are there other actors who have played the immortal detective, as you said, that you enjoy drawing?

DAVID G. HARDY: The only other actor I’ve drawn who played Holmes is Peter Cushing.

THE SHERLOCK CONVERSATIONS: Which actor are you most connected with?

DAVID G. HARDY: [Well, most] folks can see my work at the official Boris Karloff website and I’m on the main page, and I also have an extensive gallery there!

THE SHERLOCK CONVERSATIONS: Do you think Karloff would’ve made a good Holmes?

DAVID G. HARDY: [laughs] Hmm, I think he would have made a better Moriarty! However, of the old school actors, I would say I wished Ronald Colman had been given the role!

DH 2DH 1

THE SHERLOCK CONVERSATIONS: Do you have a Ronald Colman piece?

DAVID G. HARDY: Actually, no I don’t. I need to rectify that!

THE SHERLOCK CONVERSATIONS: Going back to the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, were you a fan of them?

DAVID G. HARDY: Oh, of course!


DAVID G. HARDY: Thank you!

Don’t forget to check out David’s Facebook page as well!


Recently, I was surfing Twitter at #SherlockHolmes and I came across these two images. 

  • I have had the pleasure of interviewing Bobby Timony in the past and have known him and his brother Peter (with Twin Comics) for years!

         Dig this image he drew based on the characters from THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE.


  • I came across this sketch of Holmes by Pat McCuen of InkPuddle and the creator behind the “Devil and Gandhi” comic strip.

07282015 Pat McCuen


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