FIVE FAST THOUGHTS ABOUT “The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It” Starring John Cleese

1. There was very little anything “Sherlockian” in it.  

Sure the movie had a Sherlock, Watson and Moriarty as characters, but there was nothing in it that resulted from any Sherlockisms. Someone shows up with a case, Sherlock pulls his “psychic” tropes, they chase down the villain and everything is resolved.

2. Sure it was funny…

The only other Sherlockian trope in the movie was John Cleese smoking a pipe. However, he did not use tobacco, but marijuana.

Dr. Watson as the idiot was quite funny and had its moments. For instance, Moriarty disguised himself as Watson. Both Watsons are confronted by Holmes.

“How do I know I’m the real Watson?” asks the real Watson.

3. “Dr. Gropinger…”

The late Ron Moody humorously played a Henry Kissinger-knock off. Him stepping off the plane and walking up to an Arabic military procession with the greeting “Mozel Tov!” was quite funny.

The obvious parody of the name of the former Secretary of State was juvenile, but funny.

4. Where it derailed…

In 1976, an incredibly funny movie called MURDER BY DEATH written by Neil Simon was released. It featured parodies of the famous detectives of literature (minus Holmes and Watson) coming together to solve a crime. It was smart and funny.

In act 3 of “The Strange Case of the End of Civilization…”, several television detectives of 1977 prime time television appeared to help stop Moriarty and Moriarty picked ’em off one at a time. The parodies were half-hearted attempts and were done in the way someone that drunk guy at a barbecue would do ’em.

“Hey Joe, you’ve had three beers, do your Columbo impression?”
There’s a throat clearing noise.
“Eggscuze me, one more thing…”

5. A Female Moriarty. They did it first!

ELEMENTARY featuring Johnny Lee Miller has been on television for three seasons (going on four) and it did something bold – it made Irene Adler and James Moriarty the same person. To see a blonde Connie Booth playing Moriarty was reminiscent of Natalie Dormer (another stunning woman with long blonde hair) playing Adler/Moriarty.

But turning the hero’s main adversary from male to female?

They did it in DOCTOR WHO in Season 8, why not?

It’s a funny movie and worth the viewing, but other than using the names of the Holmes characters, it is not a Sherlock Holmes movie.

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